Manual encapsuladora CN-400CL

Manual encapsuladora CN-400CL con 400 agujros. Nuestro modelo más popular, este quipo está bien construido y es fácil de usar. Este modelo es ideal para el usuario ocasional o para pequeñas cantidades moderadas. Disponible para los tamaños de 000 a 5.

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La ventaja de nuestra encapsuladora.

  1. Materiales acrílicos que conduce con protección UV y con una permeabilidad que garantizan un mejor desempeño y mayor tiempo de vida.
  2. Todo el hardware está hecho de acero inoxidable.
  3. Un solo tornillo semi-espiral lo hace más silencioso.
  4. Diseño de una sola capa del acuñador para evitar residuos y dar una mayor facilidad de limpieza.
  5. Una alta precisión, que reduce la tasa de la cápsula desiguales.
  6. Diseño de ranura entre diferentes hojas lo hace fácil de operar.
  7. Tapón de rosca puede ser desarmado con el perno tornillo, lo que lo hace más fácil de desarmar y limpiar.
  8. El diseño y los materiales de nuestros productos alcanzan el máximo nivel higiénico y son más conveniente en el proceso de fabricación de cápsulas.


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This has served me for years!

I have used the 400 capsule manual machine for 4 years now.  It has served me well.  I am careful not to loose the hardware because it sometimes comes off.  So I purchased some back ups.  It is important to adjust the bolts and nuts  so that the caps are in the right position and not raised too high because it is squeezing the rack too tightly.  This causes the nut to come off easily but they are easy enough to find.  I also bought on amazon two kid’s toy indoor sandboxes.  They are the right size and I keep the racks separately and can lay them out and put them away easily.  I like that!   The boxes also  keep the powders contained and easy to dispose of.  I can make a perfect batch of 2000 capsules in less than 2 hours.  That’s a good thing.
I thought about going to the 800 but it’s so big, I would have to struggle to store it.    Thank you for making this.

From: Maryann | Fecha: 14/05/2019 9:33

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3 years in

I just read the other first review and thought I'd add my impressions.  I don't actually know how to adjust the machine, so I've always had a problem with the lids not completely closing.  I do this afterwards quite manually.  The downsides are: the capsules go in upside down and have to be turned, the lids do not close properly, the screws that align the plates often fall out, and it's not easy to clean one of the trays because the water gets trapped between the plates. And it warps if you put it into the dishwasher, so it has to be cleaned by hand. Having said that - this is a lot better than doing it manually and I will continue to use it.  I make 400 liquid filled caps in 35 minutes and they are accurately filled and dosed properly.  Definitely recommend.

From: Huésped | Fecha: 21/11/2019 17:14

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Manual Capsule Filler Machine CN-400CL

I just recieved my Manual Capsule Filler Machine CN-400CL sizes 0 and 00 and I must say I'm impressed with the quality of the materials and look. I purchased Two of these machines a year ago from a different company and recently the screws started to rust. I notice that this company uses stainless steal screws and pins which is great for constant use. I just washed them so I haven't use them yet but I'm sure they will hold up....

From: Chizqi'Yah | Fecha: 28/10/2021 18:46

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