How to Place Order

How to Place Order

How to Place Order

step1. Register

Open and then check the top side to find " Sign up".

Step2. Log in

If you are one of our members, please click "Sign in" button on the top of our home page.

And you can also skip two steps for anonymous purchase.

Step3. Pick out preference products

You can find your preference products on our website easily or you can check "Live chat" or click "Contact us" for help.

Step4. Add to cart

When you find the preference products, choose the type of machine and then click "Add to cart".

Step5. Pick items for checkout

When you find the preference products in your shopping cart, choose the items for checkout and then click "proceed to checkout".

Sterp6. Confirm billing address and delivery address chooses payment

There are summaries when you "proceed to checkout" to reconfirm all your order details, and then please confirm your address.

Step7. Pay

You can pay by paypal supports Visa, Master Card, American Express and more or western union.

Step8. Pending

We will check the payment as soon as possible. It may take 1-2 days.

Step9. Ship

We will ship your order within 2 working days after finishing the production to recheck all your order details including order voltage and frequency strictly according to the confirmation email. Besides, our customer service will send you tracking number when we ship the goods to you. It will make it easy to track it online in person and will also change your order status to be "shipped".